I’d heard of Nothing here and there, and was vaguely familiar with their sound – well, I thought I was, I was wrong. But, by some cosmic chance, when they released their 2020 album, ‘The Great Dismal’, I was in a very specific headspace that this is exactly what I wanted/needed.

The simplest label to slap on Nothing is ‘a shoegaze band’, but their sound is far more complex than that. It’s shoegaze, noise rock, at times grungy, and others poppy. It’s an ethereal cloud of loosely connected genres that together create a beautiful, dreamlike soundscape.

This sound is surreal at times. Such is it’s various influences that it can feel simultaneously like a product of multiple different periods of the last 20-30 years.

Most importantly though, it’s a unique and wonderfully recognisable sound, and I’m so glad I found my way to this unique band at just the right time.

Nothing sounds like Nothing.