Forming in 1997 and combining influences from hardcore, thrash, and extreme metal, Pig Destroyer’s goal was to bring back what “grindcore should be”. Between 6 albums and 4 EPs, they’ve readily established themselves as doing exactly that.

With relentless guitars, furious vocals, and an utterly wild rythm section, Pig Destroyer are one of the most iconic grindcore bands in the scene.So aggressively heavy is their sound, that they were able to rattle the wall for the first sixteen years of the their existence without even using a bass player.That is no longer the case, however, with bass being added to their arsenal in 2013, adding another layer of heaviness to their frantic sound.

In 2001, Pig Destroyer made good on their threat, releasing their third album ‘Prowler in the Yard‘, a truly seminal grindcore album, widely considered one of the greatest ever. Seventeen years later, album number six was released. ‘Head Cage‘, currently their most recent full length, continues the band’s trajectory of maturing and polishing their sound, while still maintain all the rage and vitriol fans have come to expect after 20+ years. It made many Best Of lists at the end of the year and was widely lauded by fans and press alike.

Pig Destroyer are one of the true great grindcore bands still standing, and their longevity and consistency is admirable. Every 3-5 years they release a new album and it is a work of undeniable grindcore excellence.