When Murderdolls broke up, frontman Wednesday 13 was able to roll his unique, snarling, horror punk persona into a successful solo career. With a talented backing band, and an every-increasing talent for writing earworms, Wednesday 13 has released 8 full length albums with no sign of slowing.

Few bands, in my estimation, have such a high percentage of undeniably catchy hooks in their discography. Wednesday 13’s back catalogue is full to the brim of obnoxiously singable choruses that will stick with you for weeks, and every new album just delivers more of them.

Wednesday 13’s snarling, sneering vocals are brilliantly unique. Sinister yet melodic, they lead the creepy compositions, with chugging guitars, spooky synths, and punk rock attitude. As far as genre, it seems the go-to is to label the sound as ‘horror punk’ and move on, but that’s definitely an over simplifaction. Musically, this is punk rock with the added power of alt metal, hard rock, a slight industrial vibe, and a wickedly macabre horror vibe throught.

Wednesday 13 is one of the most reliable artists on the planet if you are looking for something fun that will stick in your head for days.