273: DOPE

Led by Edsel Dope, Dope’s special brand of industrialised alt metal was a shot in the arm to teenage me. It had a groove, and Edsel’s vocals entranced with a sinister growl.

The guitars charge along, backed by a furious rhythm section, and a chameleon-like sound. There are flashes of groove metal, thrash, industrial, alt metal, nu-metal… everything merging into a cohesive, instantly recognisable sound. The Dope sound.

Across six albums, Dope have an incredibly consistent output. A solid run of tight, fun, and heavy, supercharged alt metal. They’ve also nailed some great covers, but that’s just icing on the cake here.

A few years ago I was finally able to see Dope live. I’d been a fan of that band for over two decades at that point. It was a huge nostalgia trip, sure. But on the way to the show I was doing a deep dive on their catalogue on Spotify and, fuck me, Dope are still awesome.