Combining epic deathcore with a brutal death metal influence, South African Vulvodynia have grown into an incredible band.

This is simultaneously terrifying and epic in a way most deathcore tries (and fails) to be. Booming riffs, animalistic vocals, and undeniable sense ofโ€ฆ well.. triumphance. This is deathcore at is most grand. Huge compositions, with symphonic flourish and glorious atmosphere.

Two weeks ago, Vulvodynia released their latest album, โ€˜Praenuntius Infinitiโ€™, and it is an absolute fucking monster. Everything theyโ€™d worked towards with the previous three albums was suddenly made manifest. At nearly an hour long, it is a gargantuan offering of face-smashing, weirdly beautiful, deathcore bombast.

Vulvodynia are one of the best deathcore bands on the planet. โ€˜Praenuntius Infinitiโ€™ thoroughly cements this for me. If this trajectory continues, I canโ€™t even imagine the utter insanity they will unleash via future albums.