Cross Bringer are a new band out of St. Petersburg who have made a truly breathtaking entrance with their debut album, 2020’s ‘The Signs of Spiritual Delusion’. Clocking in at just under half an hour, the album is an unmitigated triumph of dynamic, atmospheric black metal.

With lush soundscapes offering texture and the occasional respite, Cross Bringer are an otherwise relentless black metal machine. But, with exciting guitarwork, a shifting pace, and some progressive song structures, this is some of the most thrilling black metal I’ve heard in ages.

Vocalist Lina is a force of nature. Her furious roars put her among the very best black metal vocalists working today. Her delivery is raw and relentless, yet utterly furious. Lina’s vocals take an already incredible, tightly performed, instrumental section, and raise it to whole new, breathtaking levels.

To listen to Cross Bringer now is to hear the very beginning of what is sure to be an amazing journey. With a debut so incredible, there’s no doubt this band is something special.