As New Zealand rock royalty, Shihad have spent over thirty years exploring hard rock, alt metal, and even industrial rock, post punk, grunge, electronic rock and more.

Their skill in growing and maturing their sound, unafraid to go wherever the writing process takes them, has seen Shihad find enormous popularity in New Zealand, as well as Australia and abroad.

Shihad have always had an ability write music with clear and strong emotion – songs can feel happy, heartfelt, righteous.. and if the song is angry? You had better believe itโ€™s going to sound fucking angry.

A considerable amount of touring has also seen Shihad support some of the biggest acts in hard rock and heavy metal (I personally saw them open for none other than Black Sabbath). Such is their versatility and showmanship, they were apple to perform on an arena stage to a crowd waiting for the biggest metal band in history, and still whip them into a frenzy.

Jon, Phil, Karl, and Tom are just as at home on an arena stage as they are in a small club, or an outdoor festival stage, or a dive bar. Wherever they play, the results are the same: an electrifying genre-melding performance by some of New Zealandโ€™s most remarkably talented rock stars.