268: ERDVE

Formed in 2015 in Lithuania, Erdve combine the threatening approach of sludge metal, with sinister edge of black metal, and fuel it with the raw fury of hardcore.

Their second album, ‘Savigaila’ (which translates to self-pity), released in July of this year, is 42 minutes of this artful combination perfected. But Erdve continue to push the sound, with experimental elements, gentler interludes, and passages of frantic and crushing metal.

Erdve also focus on more esoteric and dark themes than is often found in these genres, such as envy and regret. They’ve also written about domestic violence and extremism.

Combining three of the angriest subgenres and letting them feed off one another, Erdve has created a powerful and confronting sound. If they continue growing this sound as they have on the last two albums, this band is only going to become even more formidable.