262: AMEN

Infusing alt metal with a raw punk energy, Casey Chaos and Amen are a blazing fire of rage and fury.

Across four albums, Amen have unleashed a parade of wild, aggressive, punk metal monsters. Their music is perfectly composed to just electrify festival and gig crowds. The guitars are speedy, but far more complex and considered than the average punk track. With these heavier, alt metal style riffs, as well as the 90s period they came up in, it is unsurprising that nu metal comparisons were made.

These comparisons became more common when Amen were preparing for their major label debut – their self titled second album, released by Roadrunner Records in 1999. But for this nu metal kid in the midst of his formative years in 1999, Amenโ€™s self titled album was not like anything I had heard before. For an insular kid, this was a game changer. It was heavy, but it was not the slow, low, groove-filled stuff Iโ€™d been listening to almost exclusively up until then. This was frenzied. Faster. And fucking exciting.

By being marketed to the nu metal crowd, they were a dramatic shot in the arm to kids in dire need of seeing the world behind. Amen were the punk wolves in nu metal sheepโ€™s clothing an many of that generation (myself included) have Casey Chaos to thank for showing us a whole different type of heavy.