Internal Rot is premium grade, no fuckin’ about, pure grindcore. Their 2020 album, ‘Grieving Birth’, with 22 tracks, clocks in at just over 23 minutes. As is expected with the genre, the pace is blistering. This is a guitar-driven shotgun to the face.

The riffs are fucking brilliant, switching it up throughout and remaining exciting and never repeating themselves, while the vocals are so demonic you can practically smell the sulfur. The blastbeats are relentless when required but, and this is the same for the tracks as a whole, they don’t mindlessly keep that pace, which some grindcore bands suffer and they end up sounding like unstructured sonic soup.

Internal Rot regularly switch up the rhythm or the riff, giving the listener a moment to catch their breath – but it really is just a moment. A moment to pump a fist before the onslaught is reignited.

This is some of my favourite grindcore I’ve heard in… well… ever. And the best part? These guys are Australian! My fellow countrymen making some of the most exciting fucking grindcore around!

Fuck me swingin’, it just about brings a tear to a bloke’s eye.