After 5 years as Godzilla, it was the name change and release of their debut in 2001 that set Gojira on a trajectory towards being one of the biggest metal bands on the planet.

Brothers Joe and Mario Duplantier, along with Christian Andreu and Jean-Michel Labadie, have now released seven albums, to increasing critical attention. Their unique blend of groove and progressive metal, with some tech death flourishes for good measure, makes for a powerful, gargantuan sound.

Big, brash riffs but with a surprising melody, are perfectly matched by ferocious vocals that occasionally shift into inspiring cleans, and songs that consistently deliver great hooks. Thatโ€™s Gojira on the surface. But there is more to the band than that amazing sound.

Gojira are one of the most environmentally conscious, and vocal, metal bands on the planet right now. Their music deals frequently deals with conservation matters, and the band has had a long association with Sea Shepherd.

As their fame gains more and more momentum, propelled by one critically acclaimed album after another, Gojira utilise their platform for good. They choose to be a voice for the environment and readily attach themselves to causes the world over.

Their actions and drive are to be commended and, once all is said and done, I expect Gojira will be just as remembered for what they stood for as how they sounded.