252: WODE

While Wode’s earliest work is fairly straightforward (albeit great) black metal, over the years their sound base evolved into something thrashier and just more exciting.

Combining elements of death and thrash metal onto the already strong black metal frame has resulted in such a fantastic sound. Wode’s third album (‘Burn in Many Mirrors’, released earlier this year) is front to back a heaping slice of pure metal awesomeness.

Big, hard hitting riffs and monstrous vocals, with powerhouse drumming, make for a perfect combination. Every track is energetic, thrilling, and just begs the listener to headbang,

Wode is like 80s-thrash-made-evil, and I mean that in the best possible way. It combines the appealing sounds of black metal with an element of.. well… fun. I desperately hope I have the chance to see these guys live one day, because I can already tell the show would be amazing.