It’s the performance that launched a million YouTube reaction channels. A dark haired woman with a gentle voice sings a beautiful melody as the band around her strum a tender tune. Then suddenly there’s a seismic shift in the room – the tender tune is suddenly a metallic monster. Big riffs and belting drums, and then the moment that makes those YouTubers fall out of their seats.

Vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk suddenly unleashes the most unexpected death metal growl. More importantly, though, this isn’t some paltry attempt for shock value. Shmailyuk has a fucking powerful voice. I’d pretty confidently say she’s one of (if not, the) best female extreme metal vocalists working today. In fact, on Jinjer’s newest album, ‘Wallflowers’, the vocals are better than ever, placing Shmailyuk among the best extreme vocalists, full stop.

But the band beyond the vocals are also incredible. Tight, djenty metal with a heavy groove. And, like the vocals, the musicianship has just gone from strength to strength with each album.

Wallflowers’ is Jinjer at their peak. Four albums deep and they are heavier, angrier, and more powerful than ever. The riffs hit hard, and the vocals are absolutely incredibly. Demonic growls give way to angelic cleans, and then switch back again effortlessly.

Jinjer are a band on such an amazing upward trajectory that it’s truly remarkable to witness. With each new album they receive more positive attention and more fans and it is every bit deserves.