While they never recieved the attention of some of their peers, Mudhoney are undoubtedly one of the most influential bands responsible for the Seattle alt-rock-turned-grunge scene.

Mudhoney pretty quickly gained a somewhat underground following with their song “Touch Me I’m Sick”, and from there would go on to inspire and influence countless other alt rock bands. Their fuzzy, punk-influenced sound was like the proto-grunge sound, and eventually they would evolve to characterise the sound pretty clearly.

Mudhoney are survivors. One of the few left from that era. They most recently released an album in 2018 (their 11th) and have a lineup that has remained almost-unchanged since 1988 (Bassist Guy Maddison replacing Matt Lukin in 2000 remains the sole roster change in 30+ years). To this day, these legends of the scene continue to do what they do – play fuzzed out, punky, alt rock.