244: EX DEO

With metal as a blanket genre turning 50 years old recently, with all its subgenres, permeations, and gimmicks, youโ€™d be forgiven for thinking that every concept had already been mined. However, Ex Deo delve into an untapped concept for a metal band – the history of the Ancient Roman Empire.

The brainchild of Kataklysm frontman, Maurizio Iacono, Ex Deo, tells the history of Ancient Rome through jaw dropping melodeath songs with an amazing cast of guest singers. The grandeur and opulence of these tales is really built into the atmosphere of these songs, with soaring symphonic flourishes throughout. This is some of the most epic metal to be heard, conjuring images of marching legions and glorious architecture.

I must admit, I am really late to the party on Ex Deo. Somehow, until very recently, this incredible band existed firmly within a personal blind spot. I only discovered them via the marketing lead up to โ€˜The Thirteen Years of Neroโ€™, their fourth album, released last week. I was fascinated and enthralled by the sound and concepts of the pre-release singles and, diving into their back catalogue, very quickly realised this was a band I adored.

Ex Deo are an incredible band, with an original concept and a remarkable sound. If youโ€™re unfamiliar with them, now is as good a time as any to dive in. I only have a small head start on you.