242: HIM

With their uniquely gothic hard rock sound and one of the coolest frontmen in history, HIM created their own sound, dubbed ‘love metal’. It was dark, romantic, and painfully beautiful.

Frontman Ville Valo’s gentle crooning ties the whole sound together. A Finnish voice with all the melancholy required for this music.

Throughout their existence, HIM always experimented within their sound. Combining hard rock, and even doom metal influences, with 80s goth elements and shifting the heaviness of their sound back and forth over time, each album is really quite unique in their catalogue.

I was fortunate enough to see HIM twice, both times in 2014. At the time I’d wanted to see them for over a decade. Fortunately they exceeded expectations. HIM live was an amazing experience, with the band performing incredibly and Ville somehow being even fucking cooler.

After eight albums, and becoming one of Finland’s most commercially successful bands ever, HIM called it a day. They left behind a purple, hazy void, that nobody else could fill.