The first thing I noticed about Fawn Limbs was the album art. I realise there’s something to be said there about judging a book (or, in this case, album) by its cover – but Fawn Limbs have mastered the eye catching album cover. Their entire catalogue views as a connected series of photographic art, combining the recognisable and the inexplicably unnatural in stark imagery. My copy of ‘Darwin Falls’ on vinyl can’t arrive soon enough. Anyway, all of this to say, the artwork gained my attention, but the music kept it.

Fawn Limbs are a chaotic mix of grind, technical, noise, and raw experimentation that makes for an exhilarating listen. It’s pretty hard to draw any clear comparisons between Fawn Limbs and any other bands. There’s certainly hints of influence and familiarity in there – Dillinger at their most extreme, a touch Full of Hell, I’ve seen plenty of references to Meshuggah in various reviews… but there is no all-encompassing comparison here to be made. Fawn Limb are a unique, and terrifying, animal.

Throughout their newest album, the incredible ‘Darwin Falls’ (their third album in as many years), the band employ gentle instrumentation and spoken word passages in amongst the chaos. These moments of calm, and subtle brass melodies woven throughout, demonstrate the artistry of this band. These moments are genuinely beautiful, and further serve to amplify the impact of what comes next.

And what comes next is raw fucking chaos. It’s heavy, considered, and some of the most exciting music I’ve heard in ages.

(And do yourself a favour and go check out their album art).