Considering Nailbomb were such a short lived project, only existing for a year or so in the mid-nineties, their impact is undeniable when you note the reverence they’re still mentioned with.

Nailbomb was a collaboration between Alex Newport of Fudge Tunnel, and Max Cavalera (at the time, at the peak of Sepultura’s fame). Musically they were an industrial-leaning thrash band, primarily. As Sepultura were well on their way into the groove metal sound they’d help pioneer, Nailbomb as a different beast with Max.

Nailbomb was a project of singular acts. They only released one studio album (1994’s ‘Point Blank’), only ever performed live once (in 1995 at Dynamo Open Air Festival), and then released that performance as a live album (1995’s ‘Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide’). And that was it. They called it a day.

While the band had a shirt existence, it’s following has continued to grow through the years. This was despite absolutely no activity by the band in any way.

In 2017, 22 years since Nailbomb’s end, Max announced Soulfly would be performing ‘Point Blank’ in its entirety on tour. This was met with enormous enthusiasm, again demonstrating he impact of Nailbomb was still felt two decades later.

Few bands can claim such a long legacy after such a short lifespan, but Nailbomb are clearly special. They had a sound that stood above the crowd in a period where metal was seeing a lot of change. And it’s a sound that still stands up today.

If Nailbomb’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it existence flee under your radar, I implore you to give ‘Point Blank’ a spin today. There’s a reason we are still talking about Nailbomb.