Gravesend are easily one of my favourite new discoveries. The NY 3-piece released their demo, ‘Preparations for Human Disposal’ last year, before following it up earlier this year with their debut, the aptly titled ‘Methods of Human Disposal’. And that album is a fucking monster.

Combining the chaos of grindcore with the sinister atmosphere and vocal style of black metal, Gravesend also manage to break beyond that genre fusion with synths, some low and slow riffs, and all sorts of sound effects. Put bluntly, this album is a fucking trip and I love it so much.

To label Gravesend with any genre just feels kind of disingenuous. They’ve created this brilliant sound that will sound familiar to fans of many genres, but entirely new all the same. Releasing a debut as incredible as ‘Methods of Human Disposal’ as your debut is certainly a case of coming out of the gate swinging. It is a fantastic album and I can’t wait for my vinyl to arrive.

I am so ready for much, much, more from this band.