The creation of Hungarian multi-instrumentalist Ferenc Kapiller (otherwise known as Vvildr), Vvilderness is a folk-infused, post-black, thing off beauty.

There are familiar snarled vocals, rapid-fire drums, and and sinister sounding guitars, but the black metal label kind of ends there. Beautiful melodies, acoustic guitars, and a truly uplifting atmosphere make Vvilderness something truly remarkable and special.

These compositions, especially on 2020โ€™s โ€˜Dark Watersโ€™, are so beautiful and grand in scope, with truly epic passages and beautiful acoustic moments. These gentle moments are like small pockets of comfort before the next big roaring explosion, and yet the beautiful melodies carry through incredibly well.

Being a relatively young project, Vvilderness only released their second album last year, but the consistency, quality, and growth demonstrated on this short journey suggest the future is bright.