Cloud Rat have to be one of my favourite grindcore bands. Musically, there’s an unmistakable (and unexpected) groove and melody to the proceedings – something unusual in a lot of grindcore. Some tracks do away with any semblance of grindcore, pushing into slow, lurching, unsettling sounds, or even surprisingly grungy guitars at times. There’s even moments of electronic drum beats.

For a (fantastic) grindcore band, Cloud Rat have a far more expansive sound than that label usually signifies.

The best part about Cloud Rat, though, is vocalist Madison Marshall. She has to be one of the best voices in grindcore – able to deliver one of the most punishing, venomous performances I’ve heard in years. The fact she is able to deliver amazing shoegazey cleans (and the music has a place for it and it works) is a testament to both Marshall and Cloud Rat as a whole.

Cloud Rat are an enigma. They’re able to effortlessly be one of the best grindcore bands around today, and yet still put out dreamy, eighties inspired shoegazey tracks with beautiful vocals. And both just sound right.