223: Krzysztof Drabikowski’s БАТЮШКА

Refusing to let his creation go during Batushka’s split, Drabikowski began work on his own follow up to Litourgiya and in 2015 he released Панихида.

Панихида is, without question, the true successor to Litourgiya, and instantly confirmed beyond doubt what most already knew – Drabikowski was the true creative force and rightful owner of Batushka.

But Панихида is not just a clone of Litourgiya. The first thing I noticed was it feels angrier (and rightfully so, I’d suggest). The riffs hit hardier and the unclean vocals are much more raw.

Litourgiya was a masterclass in grand, atmospheric black metal but, for my money, Панихида improves upon the formula in every way. It is powerful at times, truly beautiful at others, and start to finish incredible.

While the history of Batushka is complex, it’s future is clear – Drabikowski’s Batushka is the true Batushka and Панихида is one of the best albums of the last few years.