In 2018 there was a a fracture in camp Batushka. Vocalist Bartłomiej Krysiuk and Krzysztof Drabikowski parted ways. The parting was contentious, with Bart dismissing Drabikowski’s claims ownership. With the record deal held by Bart, Drabikowski lost all rights. Bart was able to form his own band from scratch and produce new music under the Batushka banner – whether that was rightful or not continues to be heavily debated.

But I’d like to just talk about the music itself for a moment. While this “Faketushka” carries the same Orthodox themes and Gregorian chanting, it’s a different feel.

There is a polish, and grandeur to Bart’s take on the formula. A bombastic feel. And it might be blasphemy to say it in some circles, but it’s pretty great. If it had been released under any other name I think more people would’ve enjoyed it.

It’s impossible to separate the backstory from the music as a standalone work, but doing so reveal a genuinely great sound, but one that is unrecognisable next to the original.