When trying to work out what others labelled Ioanna Gika’s music as, I seems to come across the term ‘dream pop’ a lot. I suppose that fits, but it also betrayed the deep, gothic, industrial vibes I get here.

Gika’s album ‘Thalassa’ combines her ethereal vocal stylings with beautiful, poppy melodies, and synths and percussion that wouldn’t be out of place in Nine Inch Nails’ more recent output. It’s at times comforting and pretty, and yet brings with it an unsettling tension. It’s not heavy in an traditional sense, but it’s absolutely dark and perhaps even sinister at times.

It’s wistful and often percussively driven, like some alternate version of the early 90s where shit just kept getting cooler at the tail end of the 80s. Ioanna Gika’s voice has such a presence that it could work with pretty much any genre. Yet, she uses it here in perhaps the most exciting context, and the result sounds like someone who’s been creating music since the 80s and just stayed at the top of their game. It’s really something special.

If Ioanna Gika is to be classified as a pop singer, then this is the most exciting pop music I’ve ever heard.