217: MRS. PISS

When someone has such a unique and recognisable musical presence (like, say, the divine Chelsea Wolfe), it’s hard to imagine how that works in the context of a collaborative project. With Mrs. Piss, Wolfe collaborates with longtime friend/drummer/everything, Jess Gowrie. The result is Wolfe’s signature gloomy, folk-tinged rock, but supercharged with a punk and grunge edge.

Their debut (and so far only) album, ‘Self Surgery’, is a wild, rollicking, mishmash of genres, yet it still stands as a fantastically cohesive journey, front to back. ‘Self Surgery’ has everything – melancholic, slow moving sludginess, rolling synths, rapid-fire punk riffs, grungy grooves..

Mrs. Piss gives Chelsea Wolfe a chance to flex her sonic creativity, and with Gowrie’s assistance the results are fantastic. I hope we hear more from them in the future.