For just two people, the size and scope of the sound Bell Witch makes is jaw dropping. This US-based funeral doom band specialises in glacially-paced doom metal leviathans. The riffs are low and slow, the vocals near-subsonic growls, and the atmosphere is incredible.

While there had already been buzz surrounding the bandโ€™s previous output, it was their 2017 release, โ€˜Mirror Reaperโ€™, that was hailed as a modern masterwork of the genre.

Clocking in at 82 minutes, โ€˜Mirror Reaperโ€™ is a single, monstrous track. An immersive piece of music that functions as both a complete, cohesive album, with its ebbs and flows, and a singular musical narrative with repeating motifs and connectivity throughout.

Unsurprisingly, โ€˜Mirror Reaperโ€™ was lauded by critics and fans alike, and appears high on many, many year-end lists.

Bell Witch continue to explore and expand their sound, and followed that album with Stygian Bough, a collaboration with Aerial Ruin, the acoustic, dark folk project of Erik Moggridge, who had already leant his vocals to parts of Mirror Reaper.

Bell Witch are fascinating musicians capable of creating an atmosphere like no other, and Mirror Reaper will stand the test of time as a true masterpiece of doom.