For a nu/alt metal kid in the late 90s, there was no band heavier than the mighty Sevendust. Those low end riffs just hit differently than anything teenage me had ever heard at that point.

Add in standout vocals from Lajon Witherspoon, and hell of a hook in pretty much every fucking song, and Sevendust were (and remain) one of the most consistently fantastic bands of my formative years.

Sevendust have also proven adept in the past at having guest vocalists come in and really shining a light on them. The guest appearances from both Chino Moreno and Skin remain to me two of the best duets of that period. Lajon is incredible at the interplay with a second vocalist. He readily cedes the spotlight for a moment, but then comes roaring back in to remind us that he himself is one of the best.

Theyโ€™ve released 13 albums across 23 years, and yet there is absolutely no dead wood. Sevendust have one of the most consistent track records of any band to come from that scene, and that is an achievement to be lauded.