Combining aggressive, technical, death metal with beautiful and grand symphonies and orchestral elements, Fleshgod Apocalypse are responsible for some of the most truly epic metal being produced today.

Fleshgod’s death metal influences are not dulled by the symphony side of things, though. This shit is heavy. Powerful guitars, blast beats, and roared vocals are all present and accounted for. This is part of what makes Fleshgod Apocalypse work so well – this gives the songs a strong framework from which they then expand.

And it’s that expansion that makes for something truly jaw dropping. So grand is the symphonic element to Fleshgod’s music that the result is something truly remarkable – it’s theatrical, romantic, and just fucking majestic. The addition of Veronica Bordacchini with her beautiful operatic vocals as a counter to Francesco Paoli’s death metal growls works incredibly well.

The atmosphere surrounding Fleshgod’s music, with all the beautifully layered instrumentation – strings, piano, and beyond – is just unrivalled. Seriously, go and sit in a dark room with your best pair of headphones and experience their most recent album, Veleno. You will be lost in its grandness, and likely won’t want to leave.