For over twenty years, Trivium have been a persistent presence in North American metal. Their sound has been labelled as thrash, melodic metalcore, groove metal, and even progressive metal, and continues to grow and mature with each album.

With soaring cleans, and furious roars. Matt Heafyโ€™s vocals are instantly recognisable, backed by crushing riffs.

Those riffs have only become heavier over the years, as Trivium began a shift to 7-string guitars with their fourth album, Shogun. It was around this point in their career that critics began to praise Trivium for coming into their own, with their unique thrash/metalcore fusion, moving more away from the more straightforward thrash sound of earlier records.

Triviumโ€™s fusion of popular genres, which theyโ€™ve mastered over a twenty year (and counting) career, has seen them gain an increasing amount of praise. Given their current trajectory, itโ€™s no surprise theyโ€™re already one of the more popular metal bands touring today.