Jungle Rot formed in 1992 and are coming up on thirty years of all out, unabashed, thrash-influences death metal.

While Jungle Rotโ€™s longevity and consistency is cause for acclaim, I was very late to the party on this band. I did not hear them until their 2018 self-titled album, which was their tenth full length. What caught my attention was this thrash, well-polished, yet hard-hitting death metal that had its hooks in me immediately.

But after spinning that album endlessly, I delved back into their back catalogue, and I discovered this was nothing new for Jungle Rot. Put bluntly, theyโ€™re a fucking great band and they have been since the start.

If you need your death metal scratch itched, but donโ€™t want anything too grimy or cavernous, but need more bite than your usual melodeath bands, look no further than Jungle Rot. Itโ€™s heavy, thrashy, and kicks fucking ass.