With a groove metal sound influenced by thrash and death metal, itโ€™s hard not to see how Lamb of God were at the forefront of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal.

From their early days as Burn The Priest, through the success of Ashes of the Wake through to Resolution, and the major events of their most recent releases, Lamb of God have honed and polished their sound. The end result is a groove metal juggernaut, and one of the most consistent bands in metal.

Lamb of Godโ€™s live performances further cement their status as modern giants. Randy Blythe paces the stage like an animal stalking prey and has an enormous, pulsating mosh pit in the palm of his hand. And if youโ€™ve ever seen this band live you know what happens next. The crowd splits like the Red Sea, leaving unsuspecting participants confused, before a thunderous roar sends the two sides crashing back into each other, like fantastical armies at war. While the Wall of Death concept isnโ€™t exclusive to Lamb of God shows, itโ€™s one of the few crowds you can guarantee to see (or, if youโ€™re crazy enough, participate in) one of such magnitude.

Lamb of God could very much be considered the spiritual successor to Pantera, and theyโ€™ve seen that translate into mainstream popularity. They maintain a large fan base worldwide and are frequent standout performers on the biggest festivals today.