I first discovered Ivy Crown via their track ‘Lonesome and Cold’, featuring Kim Song Sternkopf of Møl. Having only recently become obsessed with Møl at the time, anything even tangentially related required my immediate attention.

Unlike Møl’s bright and soaring blackgaze sound, Ivy Crown are… something else. I’ve seen them referred to as metalcore but, that doesn’t seem to really get across what they do. It’s heavy, beautiful at times, and unbelievably catchy. Ivy Crown are responsible for some of the best hooks in hard rock I’ve heard in a while. The album is absolutely stacked with ear worms that get stuck in your head for weeks. In fact, I’m certain after listening to the album on repeat as I write this, I’m in for weeks of these tracks being stuck on my head. Weeks.

Two of Ivy Crown’s four members originally came from the now defunct band Taras, and this heritage definitely shows. Their melodic, metalcore (?) sound has a clear rebellious streak, making for a really unique and amazing sound that, as far as I’m concerned, defies simple categorisation (and fuck what anyone else says).