Before anyone else was really merging electronic and heavy music, before industrial was a mainstream concept, there was Al Jourgensen and Ministry. Starting as a synth pop band, Ministry spent the bulk of th 80s evolving into one of the originators of industrial metal.

By introducing an increasingly heavy array of elements into a sample-heavy electronic framework, Ministry tapped into something new and exciting. Mechanical sounding riffs and pummelling beats, backing Alโ€™s angry, confronting, and iconic vocal stylings.

Throughout a forty year career, Ministry have including an increasing variety of genres, including thrash and speed metal, further cementing their place as a revolutionary metal band.

Theyโ€™ve barely survived that forty years, though. Theyโ€™ve had more than one break-up/hiatus, and so many lineup changes that only one original member remains. But when that sole remaining member is the larger-than-life figure affectionately known as Uncle Al, itโ€™s not hard to see how Ministry have survived everything thrown at them and stood standing. Because Al Jourgensen is a survivor and a much-needed continued presence in the music world.