Formed in Switzerland at the very tail end of the 2000s, Schammasch started out somewhere between black and death metal. Over time, however, their sound has become more genre-defying and avant-garde, featuring influences from post metal, ambient, and even traditional music.

The band themselves remain shrouded in mystery, appearing costumed and identifying only as initials. But what they have done across just 4 albums (and an EP), in only ten years, the incredible growth and sonic evolution Schammasch have demonstrated is jaw-dropping.

Modern Schammasch features blackened vocals, powerful chanting, huge doomy passages, faster black metal style riffs, and incredible atmosphere. All of this is packaged into single tracks, progressive in structure, and meticulously performed.

Schammasch’s latest album, 2019’s ‘Hearts or No Light’, continues the band’s trajectory with an incredibly polished and expansive demonstration of the adaptability of black metal as a genre. There’s no doubt this band still has a lot of exciting things to say.