When TV on the Radio frontman Tunde Adebimpe joined forces with rapper Doseone and Mike Patton, nobody could have ever predicted the form it would take. Electronic, hip hop, experimental, pop, a bit of rock, and a whole slew of other sounds – but a wonderfully unique and thrilling project.

Thereโ€™s really no straightforward and clear way to describe the music of Nevermen. Itโ€™s catchy, and strange yet familiar. The closest of Pattonโ€™s other projects is probably Peeping Tom. But, where Peeping Tom felt like an experimental fusion of genres formed into a pop wrapper, Nevermen is like a poppy frame expanded out in every genreโ€™s direction.

Their one album, a self titled LP released in 2016, is an exciting listen. Start to finish, it is packed with catchy, bizarre tracks. Like pop music in an alternative reality where artists are unbound by mainstream cliches and just create art that feels right.