Lovage was a short-lived collaboration between renowned preducer, Dan the Automator, and vocalists Jennifer Charles and Mike Patton.

They produced one album, 2001’s ‘Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By’ and it is a singularly unique creature in Patton’s vast discography. Lovage’s sound sits somewhere between early 00s trip hop and 60s/70s lounge music. It’s a gentle, comforting, yet hypnotic series of tracks.

The interplay between Patton and Charles vocally is absolutely wonderful. Very few vocalists could hold their own against Mike Patton, but with her sultry intonations and soothing melodies, Jennifer Charles is often the star of the show.

Patton’s signature style(s) and boundless talent are of course on display here. His gentle crooning pairs perfectly with the vibe of Lovage and is the perfect compliment to Jennifer Charles.

Lovage came and went within just a few years, but it left it’s mark as wonderful and unusual project that highlighted the talents of all who contributed.