Guano Apes started in Germany in the mid 90s with an electrifying fusion of alt metal, funk, and some nascent nu metal flourishes.

Frontwoman Sandra Nasić is a vocal chameleon, able to switch from beautiful clean melodies, to hard rock roars, and even rap. Backed by heavy riffs and addictively funky bass, Guano Apes’ sound gained them considerable attention in Europe.

After three amazing albums, the band split up, but would reunite a few years later – first to tour, and then eventually returning to the studio.

The two albums that followed leant more in an alt rock/pop rock direction, but still carried that same bite fans had come to expect from Guano Apes and were met with success.

Guano Apes’ catalogue is filled with some of the catchiest, most eclectic tracks from the 90s European alt metal scene. It’s definitely worth your time to do a deep dive on this band.