Parkway started to really grab my attention with their fifth album, ‘Ire’ – unsurprisingly the point in their history where they started to move away from their metalcore roots – but it was their follow up album, ‘Reverence’, where the appeal became undeniable.

On ‘Reverence’, Parkway completed their evolution into a main stage metal band. With strong riffs, and one of the best guitar tones around today, these tracks are moshpit-fuelling monsters. Winston McCall’s vocal delivery is polished, hints of death metal, melodic when needed, and always exactly what the song needs.

While Parkway Drive came up in the early 00s Australian metalcore scene, it’s their evolution – becoming heavier and more metal oriented – that has propelled them to international recognition. Now capable of headlining large European metal festivals, Parkway Drive have become one of Australia’s biggest metal exports active today.