Given this is the very middle day of the year, signifying the halfway mark of this 365-day quest of mine, it had to be a special band – for me, there’s very few bands as special as The Birthday Massacre. They’re a “top 2” band for me and that’s never going to change.

The Birthday Massacre’s unique and iconic mix of synths, poppy hard rock, and Chibi’s incredible vocals, just make for a joyful experience. It’s gothic and gloomy, but never feels bitter or depressing. It’s like various elements of 70s, 80s, and early 90s pop but made heavy and dark, and the results are something really special.

Their very particular sound is just something I cannot get enough of. Fortunately for me, The Birthday Massacre are somewhat prolific, last year releasing ‘Diamonds’, their eight full-length. As always, it was a wonderful journey, start to finish.

I’m still yet to see The Birthday Massacre live. Even though they’ve been one of my most favourite bands for well over a decade, I discovered them shortly after they toured Australia, and they’ve not been back since. Just my luck… Oh well, once international travel is back on the table I think I will need to rectify this. If they won’t come to me, I’ll just have to go to them.

I’ll continue recommending TBM for the rest of my days, to anyone who will listen, because with their infectious hooks, and electrifying goth sound, they’re the perfect example of the phrase ‘What’s not to like?’.