In 2020, when Brazilian thrash act Nervosa lost two of its three members, it should have been the end of the story. Theyโ€™d released three solid albums, survived a few lineup changes, but this was an unsurpassable shift for most bands.

Not for Nervosa.

Prika Amaral, guitarist and sole remaining member, gathered an international lineup and built a newer, stronger lineup. What was once a 100% Brazilian band was now Brazilian, Italian, Spanish, and Greek.

What followed was Perpetual Chaos, the fourth Nervosa album and a monstrous thrash juggernaut. This is some of the heaviest, nastiest thrash metal Iโ€™ve ever heard. Track after track, riff after riff.

New vocalist Diva Satanica is the biggest standout here. Her voice is far more aggressive than one expects in thrash and she could absolutely hold her own against any death metal vocalist. These brutal vocals increase the feeling of aggression behind every song, making for an utterly breathtaking album.

Instead of ending at what was a logical stopping point, Nervosa came back not only stronger, but better than most thrash bands playing today.