There’s metal bands, and then there’s MANOWAR – the Kings of Metal.

Manowar formed in New York in 1980 and, over the course of the past four decades, have risen from cult status to outright legend status. Such is their bravado and bombast that they’ve become a near-mythical force in heavy metal.

Manowar’s triumphant brand of traditional metal/power metal was popular in their home country, but achieved them dramatically more success in the UK and then broader Europe. At a time when the genre was about dragons, wizards, higher vocals, and leather, Manowar arrived on the scene as testosterone personified. Loin-clothed warriors, with more aggressive vocals, and singing about brotherhood and METAL. They were a bold new addition to the scene, and it was welcomed.

There’s something undeniably catchy and… just fucking triumphant about Manowar’s music. It’s a celebration of heavy metal, in all it’s over-the-top glory. It’s the soundtrack to standing in a field, surrounded by drunk people in battle jackets, the sun has just started setting and the air is cooling down, and you’re staring up at an enormous, brightly lit stage.

And standing on that stage is motherfuckin’ Manowar.