As I’ve said multiple times, I’m a nu metal kid, born and bred. I formed my musical tastes via Korn and all their bastard children. So when I stumble across a band that not only takes clear inspiration from that oft-maligned era, but does it really fucking well, it’s cause for excitement.

Tetrarch have been around for about fifteen years and recently released ‘Unstable’, their second full length album. I saw it getting some buzz and gave it a listen – and I was blown away. I was immediately teleported back to the alt metal scene circa 2001. It’s the tail end of the nu metal zeitgeist and there was a new wave of younger bands moving away from some of the genres tropes and blurring the lines between nu and alt metal. Some great stuff came out of this period, but a lot of it got left behind.

Listening to Tetrarch, the nostalghia hit me like a ton of bricks. How they do what they do is beyond me. It’s a gift to people like me, reminding us of a different time, but it’s a modern and polished sound. It doesn’t sound dated, and it’s some kind of sorcery that achieves this. Surely.

It’s those same downtuned chunky riffs. It’s the melodic growled vocals with some amazing cleans thrown in. It’s the bouncy rhythm section. It’s those big, bold choruses that stick in your head for days.

Tetrarch are a remarkable band whose sound was something I desperately missed and didn’t even realise until I discovered them. If you fucked with bands like Adema, Earshot, and Taproot as a teenager I strongly recommend this band.