138: GRIMA

Grima are a 2-man atmospheric black metal project formed in Russia in 2014. The music has a thematic focus on nature and paganism and, in their own words, is “based on the worship of the elder forest, its power and magic, where the Grima is a supreme god… a powerful spirit, who protects only those who live in a forest, and punishes everyone who does not respect nature”.

I only recently discovered Grima, via their latest album (‘Rotting Garden’), released in January this year. I’d seen a lot of buzz around the album and from the very first time I listened to it I knew why. Grima are fucking incredible.

This is big, grand, and glorious black metal – the best type of atmospheric black. The music is dense and epic, textured with samples and various instruments. The guitars are sinister and powerful, backed by synths at just the right time to accentuate a beautiful melody, before being overtaken by a guitar solo. The drumming is hypnotic, often managing to be a really central element of the composition. The vocals are relentless. Ferocious and forceful, as the drive the whole track forward.

Discovering Grima when I did is what makes me love music. It excites, encourages further exploration, and just host exactly how it needs to hit that day.

There has been a handful of truly remarkable atmospheric black metal projects this year, and Grima’s latest album is among the very best. This band is absolutely worth your time.