136: HOLE

While Hole were a towering figure in the grunge scene, itโ€™s their chameleon-like sound and melting pot of influences that really made them special.

On the surface, Hole were a particular flavour of alt rock common for the era, but they also incorporated punk rock and folk to huge success. Their earlier output was a much noisier punk rock, but from their the sound evolved into grunge then onward to something more subtle, even incorporating acoustic guitars. Incredibly the back-catalogue, while eclectic, is remarkably consistent in both quality and general sound.

Basically, Hole would constantly grow and change, but it would always sound like Hole and, most importantly, it was always fucking good.

Courtney Loveโ€™s lyrics were often confronting and touched on difficult topics such as abuse, suicide, addiction, and body image issues. Of course, they also came from a female perspective, something obviously lacking in that style of music at the time.

Love, and by association Hole, will always be unavoidably connected to Nirvana. The truth is, however, Courtney Love and Hole, were a force of nature and had the talent and influence to earn their own time in the spotlight.

Their legacy speaks for itself.