Yes, today we are talking about another one-man black metal project, however in the case of Midnight Odyssey this is so far beyond the standard parameters of black metal that to label it as such might seen misleading.

Midnight Odyssey is the project of Australian multi-instrumentalist (and, frankly, musical fucking genius) Dis Pater.

The base level genre one might slap on Midnight Odyssey is atmospheric black metal, though that barely scratches the surface of the puzzle box of genres Dis Pater has constructed.

Vocals shift from familiar black metal rasps, to power metal wailing, to cleans that would sound right at home on an 80s goth synthwave album. Dis Paterโ€™s expansive vocal styles are jaw dropping.

Everything about Midnight Odyssey is epic. The songs are leviathan opuses, calling upon so many aural elements that are masterfully woven together, and the production needs to be heard to be believed.

The more common elements of black metal are reduced, making way for varied influences, such as doom and folk metal, as well as the incredibly unexpected dungeon synth flourishes, which makes for something truly unique.

Midnight Odysseyโ€™s newest album, Biolume Part 2: The Golden Orb, is the strongest example in the evolving and transcending sound Iโ€™ve discussed above. The album clocks in at over 100 minutes, and is only part two of a planned trilogy.

The opening track, Dawn-Bringer, itself is over twenty minutes long, with the entire track being a grand and varied enough musical statement that it could be an album on its own. Passages shift and progress through the track, with occasional motifs returning to tie the composition together.

The Golden Orb is easily one of my favourite albums so far this year. It is a gargantuan work of art which effortlessly earns every minute of its 1hr40 runtime.

Midnight Odyssey is easily becoming one of the most incredible artists in black metal today, with genre-expanding, sweeping, modern epics that simply defy comparison.