Sometimes you need a bit of grindcore. Sometimes only some sinister, atmospheric black metal is the only thing that scratches the itch.

And then sometimes it’s intergalactic space metal. Enter Gloryhammer.

Gloryhammer are a power metal band with symphonic elements that are as outrageous and bombastic as it gets.

Gloryhammer don’t just release concept albums, they’re a concept band. The members portray characters on stage and on the album, and with each album a story is unfolding that is part 80s fantasy epic, part space opera.

The music is only part of the whole picture, but there’s no denying it’s utterly fantastic. It’s fun, cheesy, unabashedly catchy and the perfect antidote to the dark and gloomy genres I often spend time with. Gloryhammer will brighten your day, and even the most cynical can’t fight it.

A troupe of intergalactic warriors, seeking revenge on the dark emperor who has escaped through a dimensional rift – and all of it soundtracked by the biggest, most over the top, most fun galactic power metal on this planet, or any other. What’s not to love?