With a career spanning over thirty years and counting, My Dying Bride have grown from death/doom pioneers into one of the preeminent doom metal bands on the planet.

My Dying Brideโ€™s sound is something theyโ€™ve refined over the decades, and their masterful and delicate approach is something that has influenced and inspired many bands since. It is gothic, melancholic, and incredibly beautiful.

In 2020, the band released The Ghost Of Orion, their thirteenth album, just shy of 28 years since their debut. With it, My Dying Bride demonstrated theyโ€™re not a band running out of ideas and steam, but rather put on one of their best performances, and are a band still at their peak.

With The Ghost of Orion, My Dying Bride proved, once again, why they are the most commanding performers in doom metal, and still at the forefront of the genre.

After thirty years of beautiful, sorrowful melodies, My Dying Brideโ€™s sound is so definitive, it should be considered a yardstick by which other doom metal bands are measured.