Canada doesnโ€™t seem the most likely habitat to birth a black metal band yet, in Panzerfaust, they are home to a truly leviathan band.

Panzerfaustโ€™s music is at once both ferocious and triumphant – both beautiful and melodic as well as sinister and brooding. This is some genuinely incredible songwriting.

Panzerfaust are currently halfway through their intended 4-part album series, โ€œThe Suns of Perditionโ€. They released chapters 1 and 2 (โ€œWar, Horrid Warโ€ and โ€œRender Unto Edenโ€ respectively) just over a year apart. That rapid turnaround might raise concerns of phoning it in, so to speak, but Panzerfaust did not miss a beat. Both albums are masterclasses in storytelling and melodic black metal production. With this in mind, I eagerly away The Suns of Perdition, Chapter 3, in whatever form it may take.

Panzerfaust are, for those willing to make the leap into the morass, one of the most accessible black metal bands active today. This is rhythmic, decipherable black metal, bolstered by an industrial tinge, that is worth checking out for green eared folks seeking an entry into more extreme genres, as well as jaded old dudes in faded battle jackets, looking for something to excite them again.