Few things are as musically exciting as when a band simply says “fuck genres” and eschews the conventions of what goes where and which sounds play well with others.

In the case of White Void, the first thing one thinks of is a 70s rock sound. It’s proggy, it’s spacey, but it’s more than that. It’s got a touch of doom, and futuristic synths soar over the top of triumphant riffs.

Not only are White avoid exciting and fun, there’s also real depth – while ‘Anti’ is not a concept album, it is an album with a central concept. That concept is that of French philosopher Albert Camus, and his ideas on Absurdism.

To clarify just how much I’ve connected with this band’s music – their debut album, ‘Anti’, was only released today, and I simply had to write about it. I cannot imagine I’ll be writing about any other bands so new to me as part of this exercise, but White Void are special.

This mix of seemingly disparate influences, into a single cohesive style is truly a thing of beauty. Not unlike a certain ghostly act of ever-growing popularity, White Void’s doomy, bluesy throwback is perfectly imagined in modern day. These songs are thrilling, and beg to be performed for huge crowds, fists and lighters aloft.