While sometimes it might seem I’m using ABAD to spotlight smaller bands, the reality is I’ll write about whatever band I have the urge to write about that day, and they could be anyone from dingy bar bands to stadium rockers. Sometimes it’s an unsigned up and comer… and sometimes it’s motherfucking SLAYER.

I’m sure for a lot of kids coming up in the 80s, the first time they heard Slayer they were hearing the heaviest, most evil shit they ever heard. Likely shit at a level they didn’t even know existed. It was eye opening.

This is often the part where I’d offer my attempt at describing the bands sound – but y’all don’t need me describing Slayer, do you?

It’s fast. It’s thrashy. It’s evil and fiery. It’s a sound that has trickled down through generations of metal bands and sent many a kid on the path toward the heavier, less commercially friendly sounds in metal. Because while Slayer’s infamy almost makes them mainstream now, the subversiveness of this band in the 1980s cannot be understated.

I was fortunate enough to see Slayer on their final Australian tour. I have a bad back and anxiety, so standing off to the side, leaning on the wall with my arms crossed, is my usual deal. But, that night, I was at the fucking barrier. Meters from Kerry King. Getting my eyebrows singed by the pyro. Because it was fucking Slayer.

It doesn’t matter where in metal your tastes lie, or how you came to them. The simple fact is, if you consider yourself a metalhead, you raise the horns for Slayer.